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News & Announcements

10th Grade Retreat

Division110th graders spent the day at Children's Aid's Wagon Road Camp as part of their moving up celebration. 10th graders from each of the houses were broken up into groups and participated in a series of ice-breakers and adventure ropes courses. More importantly, they also engaged in an informational session hosted by upperclassmen.

Saturday School 6/15

Any student who needs more time or a place to work FLHFHS is open this Saturday from 9-12pm. Ask your advisors for additional information.

9th Annual Peace Block Party

A note from Student Government: The Peace Block Party is an annual celebration where we, as a student body, try to tackle a social issue we see in our community. This youth-led event is structured to promote people of color and how people of color matter, especially among young people. We want to shine a little on the setbacks people of color have to face daily like discrimination, police brutality, and more.

Boogie Down Books- Book Giveaway

Senior Interns Melissa, Vinny, Dalanda, and Stephaine, spent their day with Boogie Down Books at the New York Hall of Science book giveaway event. Boogie Down Books gave away about 250 books to middle school students. Please ask the interns about their experience and what new events they have coming up!

Decision Day 2019

Children's Aid and Fannie Lou celebrates Decision Day 2019. We want to thank the college counselors and advisors who worked day and night to support the senior class through the college application process.

NYU Social Justice Expo

FLHFHS student-led Youth Vs. Oppression group shared their work at this year's NYU Social Expo. Please ask them about their experience and what's new on the agenda!