Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom School

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Children’s Aid works in close partnership with the school to provide academic support and exposure to higher educational institutions and career options.   



A team of tutors provides one-to-one and/or group tutoring to select students throughout the year.  Tutors “push into” classrooms and help students in real time.  Students also receive customized support during afterschool sessions.


Students are identified at the start of the year based on the prior year's attendance and academic performance. There are currently two tutors assigned to the 9th and 10th grades, and two tutors assigned to the 11th and 12th grade. They all work closely with the teachers to assess the needs or progress of the students they work with.


Afterschool Enrichment  

Eighth graders from Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School participate in a range of activities that help them to strengthen their social skills and academic behaviors. The program takes place at the high school and serves as an opportunity to prepare students for high school and serves as an introduction to FLHFHS, creating a pipeline between the two schools. Tutors also support extended learning time within the middle school classrooms.


College and Career Access and Success

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides students with services, supports, and opportunities that enable them to explore and prepare for post-secondary pathways.  A staff of Children's Aid and FLHFHS counselors support the developmental and academic needs and aspirations of students throughout their high school trajectory.

College and Career Exposure:  Advisory workshops provide 9th and 10th grade students with an opportunity to explore their interests in college and possible career pathways while building competencies in problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork that enable them to thrive in high school and beyond.  Students develop their own personal college map to serve as a guide as well as a source of motivation to excel in high school.  These maps are also be useful during the college trips that are offered in the higher grades.

College and Career Experiences: Exposure to a variety of career paths boosts the chances of a young person finishing high school, securing steady employment, and earning higher incomes. In addition, youth develop life skills, including responsibility, organization, and time management while establishing good lifelong work habits.  We provide all students with hands-on experiences to further deepen their exploration and interests in a variety of college and career pathways.

                            - Summer Youth Employment (SYEP) placements that match an industry participants wish to explore, including those in civic, corporate, social services, public service, finance, law, technology, health, and entertainment fields. Each spring we work with all students and advisors to have each student apply.

                            - Work, Learn, and Grow (WLG) placements that are available during the academic year for students that participated in summer youth. Applications are available each September.


                            - Internship Opportunities within the school (including service learning projects) and outside of the school. Notable internships include EXCEL at NYU, MSG Classroom, and JP Morgan Project LIVE. Students interested in internship can also take an elective class in the 11th and 12th grade.


                            -Corporate Workplace Program (CWP) was created to enhance the work done at Children's Aid community centers in the area of career readiness. Corporate volunteers conduct a series of on- site workshops for students who have been selected to the program. Topics include leadership and values, interviewing skills, job expectations, networking, corporate culture, and dining etiquette. Selected students are invited to interview for paid summer internships with not-for-profit organizations and in corporate settings such as HBO and Aegis Media.