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Policy on Physical Confrontations

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School Procedures for Physical Conflicts 


A physical fight is defined as an exchange of blows or one student assaulting another student. Play fighting, hitting back or hitting 'because' shall be treated as a fight. Students involved in physical fights shall be removed from the classroom or another school area for an immediate conference with a school staff person (teacher, social worker, support person, administrator). 


All the parties involved in a fight (fighters, instigators, conspirators, and provokers) must write or dictate a statement describing the events that led up to the fight on official Department of Education Statement forms. (See administrator, support staff or social worker) 


All students involved in the fight must participate in conflict mediation before they may return to class. Conflict mediation should not occur until all parties are ready to speak calmly about the incident. 


Parents must be contacted before the end of school on the day of the fight. In the case of suspensions, a letter must be given to the student. In addition, a letter must be mailed to the home. 


Depending on the circumstances surrounding the fight and taking into consideration the history of the students involved, parents may or may not be asked to come to school for a conference before the student may return to class. 


Consequences for fighting will be determined by Administration, Social Worker, and Teachers depending on circumstances of the fight as well as the history of the students involved. 


Only the Principal may suspend students involved in fighting. 

Fights that result in suspensions require an accompanying occurrence report to be entered On-Line to the Department of Education (done by Support Staff, Administrator or Social Worker) 


Suspensions will also be entered into ATS by Support Staff to become part of the student's Permanent Record. 


Repeated violations of the "no fight" policy may result in more severe penalties.