Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom School

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Based on the belief that all students must be known well and given the academic and social support they need, FLHFHS created the advisory system.  Our advisory system helps students with decision-making, academic planning, and interpersonal skills.

All students are assigned a faculty advisor throughout their years at FLHFHS.  Typically, each advisor works with the same students for a period of two years.  The advisor serves as the adult in the school who knows the student best and works with the student’s other teachers and family in order to oversee the student’s academic and social progress.  At Family Conference time, and whenever necessary, the advisor meets with the student and his/her family to review work, set goals, and develop strategies to ensure the best possible experience for the student.

Each advisor’s group of students composes an advisory.  Students meet in advisory several times a week.  The school-wide curriculum for advisory includes an examination of such issues as study skills, health, safety, social issues, community service, and preparation for college and careers.  Each October, we study and celebrate Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer. We learn about her life and the issues of the civil rights movement and their relevance to today’s world.  Advisory time is also devoted to tutoring and portfolio preparation.
To contact your child's advisor, call Parent Coordinator Yselly Olivo at 718-861-0521.