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News & Announcements

FLHFHS Students Have SYEP Success

More than 160 Fannie Lou students participated in the Summer Youth Employment Program. Our students worked to create new media with Career Clue and Educational Video Center, to care for Concrete Plant Park with Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, to explore environmental justice issues with Children's Aid to name just a few of the wonderful opportunities.

FLHFHS Students at NYU Excel Academy

27 Fannie Lou students successfully completed a 4-week, 2-course program at the NYU Excel Academy. They presented their work at a symposium at the beginning of August and are now engaged with a 2-week SAT preparation course.

10th Grade Retreat

Division110th graders spent the day at Children's Aid's Wagon Road Camp as part of their moving up celebration. 10th graders from each of the houses were broken up into groups and participated in a series of ice-breakers and adventure ropes courses. More importantly, they also engaged in an informational session hosted by upperclassmen.

Saturday School 6/15

Any student who needs more time or a place to work FLHFHS is open this Saturday from 9-12pm. Ask your advisors for additional information.

9th Annual Peace Block Party

A note from Student Government: The Peace Block Party is an annual celebration where we, as a student body, try to tackle a social issue we see in our community. This youth-led event is structured to promote people of color and how people of color matter, especially among young people. We want to shine a little on the setbacks people of color have to face daily like discrimination, police brutality, and more.