Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom School

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THIS WEEK AT FANNIE LOU (1/20 to 1/24):      Monday (1/20): Martin Luther King Jr. Day -- School Closed       Tuesday (1/21): ELA Regents Exam 9:00 AM     Wednesday (1/22): D2 Panels / D1 Bootcamp (if needed)   / No Classes    Thursday (1/23):  D2 Panels / D1 Bootcamp (if needed)       Friday (1/24) NYU Freedom Friday
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Parent Coordinator

We encourage you to contact the school for any reason. Please reach out to Marlene Lamboy (718)-861-0521.
She is happy to provide you information, to answer or direct a question, or to arrange a conversation with your child's advisor.  
Your child's attendance in school is important. We also value communication between the school and our families. From this we have developed a policy of calling home each time a student is late or absent from school. We want families to know if their child isn't in school and we want to learn about any issues affecting attendance.