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This Week at Fannie Lou (6/17 to 6/21) -- Monday (6/17): Endurance Challenge, Senior Send Off;   /  Tuesday (6/18): D2 Panels, D1 Boot Camp;   /   Wednesday (6/19): ELA Regents Exam 9:00 AM;   /  Thursday (6/20): D2 Panels, D1 Boot Camp, New Student Orientation;   /  Friday (6/21): Graduation Rehearsal;   //   GRADUATION TUESDAY JUNE 25th 10:00 AM LEHMAN COLLEGE  //
Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School is committed to placing students at the center of their own education. We partner with the New York Performance Standards Consortium to anchor our work in student portfolios and performance assessment; we partner with Big Picture Learning to anchor our work in real world learning.

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10th Grade Retreat Featured Photo

10th Grade Retreat

Division110th graders spent the day at Children's Aid's Wagon Road Camp as part of their moving up celebration. 10th graders from each of the houses were broken up into groups and participated in a series of ice-breakers and adventure ropes courses. More importantly, they also engaged in an informational session hosted by upperclassmen.
Saturday School 6/15 Featured Photo

Saturday School 6/15

Any student who needs more time or a place to work FLHFHS is open this Saturday from 9-12pm. Ask your advisors for additional information.

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