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Graduation by Portfolio

The Language Portfolio
In the 9th and 10th grades, students complete a Language Portfolio each semester.  Work for this portfolio is based on the exhibition projects completed in each course, reflecting the learning goals and essential questions for that class.  Pieces for this portfolio will require work both within and outside of class and are to be submitted in revised, final form.
Each 10th grade student will present his/her Language Portfolio, as a whole, at the end of the 10th grade for evaluation by committee in order to advance to the 11th grade.  Tenth grade portfolios are due in January and must be presented to the student’s portfolio committee during the Spring Family Conference.  In order to present a student must have completed the portfolio with revisions and practiced their oral presentation in their advisory. 
The Graduation Portfolio
In the 11th and 12th grades, students complete mastery and reflection work in seven different content areas.  For each area, students will produce a major project designed to demonstrate advanced content and skill understanding.  These mastery projects will not attempt to cover all material studied, but are designed to reflect an in-depth understanding of a particular issue in the context of the overall discipline and incorporation of the Habits of Mind and work.  Although these projects will generally be undertaken within the classroom with the support of the teacher, they will also require a significant amount of independent work, with an eye toward college expectations.