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Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School is pleased to provide you with a personalized G Suite (Google) account and to give you access to the internet on school-owned devices. The G Suite (Google) accounts will allow you to log on to any computer in the school and to any internet-connected device outside of school, access files and save all of your work at a central location. To obtain an account, you must agree to the following rules per the Chancellor’s Regulations.

  • Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom HS has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material you access or post through the system.
  • The school network and the internet have been established for educational purposes, including classroom activities, career development, and limited high-quality self-discovery activities.
  • You may not use the school network or the internet for commercial purposes. You may not offer or purchase products/services through the internet. 

Student Internet Access

  • Subject to parent/guardian approval, all students will have access to the Internet World Wide Web information resources in their classroom, library, or computer lab.
  • Both parent and student must sign an annual account agreement before the student account with Internet access are granted. Parents may withdraw approval at any time.

The following rules of the school network and the internet are to avoid behaviors that pose a danger to the school community or a threat to personal safety.


Personal Safety 

  1. Students will not post personal information such as phone number, address, school address, etc., about yourself or other people.
  2. Students will not agree to meet with people they have met online without parent/guardian approval.
  3. Students will promptly disclose any inappropriate/uncomfortable message(s) received to their teacher or school employees.

Illegal Activities

  1. Students will not go beyond their authorized access, such as attempting to gain unauthorized access to the school network/internet or any other computer system through the school network.
  2. Students will not log on using another student's account. Students will not access another student’s files. PASSWORDS ARE NOT TO BE SHARED!
  3. Students will not make deliberate attempts to spread viruses or disrupt the computer system by any means. 
  4. Students will not use the school network/Internet to engage in any other illegal activities such as the purchase of alcohol, drug sales, gang activity, threatening the safety of another individual.

System Security 

  1. Under no conditions should you provide your password to another person. Each student is responsible for their account and must take all precautions to prevent others from using their account.
  2. Students will immediately notify a teacher or the system administrator of any possible security problem.