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Current ELOs

Take a chance.
Try something new.
Explore an interest.
Make connections.
Join an ELO.


Each of the opportunities below are welcoming Fannie Lou students for spring programming. Please take a look at the videos for an overview of each program.

If you want to discuss joining a program, click on one of the black boxes at the top or bottom to fill out a survey. We'll be in touch with you.

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Be Creative with Beam Center's Future Humans Project

Check out a YouTube stream of the Future Humans Project
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Experience Creating TV Show with MSG Classroom

Learn more about MSG Classroom in the video below.
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Pursue Your Interest in the Law with Street Law Inc.

Click on the video below to learn more about students who've participated in Street Law in the past.
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Pursue an Interest in Business with JP Morgan's Emerging Leadership Program

Learn more about a possible internship at JP Morgan Chase by watching the video below.
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Become a Community Leader with Build On

build on logo.png

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Learn More about Business Careers with the All Stars Project (for students 16+)

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Prepare for College and Career with Team First

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Pursue Your Interest in Social Justice with the Restorative Justice Team

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Explore Music and Business with Building Beats

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Become a Paid Apprentice with CareerWise New York (for 10th graders only)