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THIS WEEK AT FANNIE LOU (2/24 to 2/28):          Tuesday (2/25): PTA Meeting       Wednesday (2/26): Trip to To Kill a Mockingbird / Trip to SUNY Albany / Bronx River Assembly          Thursday (2/27): Boys Basketball Home Playoff Game       Friday (2/28): NYU Excell Freedom Friday
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When You Need

Metrocards are given to students based on their address in the NYCDOE's ATS system at the beginning of each semester. Students receive either a full fare card or half fare card based on that address. If a student loses their Metrocard, they must see Luis Padilla at the end of a school day for a replacement.
ID Card
FLHFHS students receive ID cards which are used to swipe in to take attendance each day. Students must bring their ID card each day. New students receive an ID card in September. If an ID card is lost or damaged, students must see Luis Padilla at the end of a school day for a replacement.
Lockers are free and available on a first come first serve basis. Students who want a locker must submit a signed locker form (Link to Form). Students only need to turn in the form once during their time at FLHFHS. Students who want a locker must see Luis Padilla at the end of a school day with a signed form for an assignment.
Working Papers
Students can obtain working papers through the FLHFHS office. In order to receive working papers, a student must complete the Application for Employment form (Link to Form). This form must be signed by both the student and a parent or guardian. A student must have a doctor complete the Physical Fitness Certification (Link to Form), which must have his/her signature and the date of the physical must be within the last year. Once the form is completed and signed by both parent and student and a doctor has signed the Physical Fitness Certification, please bring a record of immunization, a birth certificate, and a social security card to Kathy Ortiz in the main office and she will issue the Working Paper card.