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Ethnicity and Racial Identification Form -- NYCDoE

Parent/Guardian Student Ethnic and Race Identification Form (NYCDoE requirement)

Federal law requires the New York City Department of Education to collect and record the ethnic identity and race of public school students. This information is used to determine funding for your school, among other things, and is kept secure and confidential.

We need your help to accomplish this task. Please respond to the ethnicity and race identification questions below. The first question provides an opportunity for you to indicate whether your child is of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin; the second question provides an opportunity for you to indicate your child's race(s). Please be sure to respond to both questions. Students identified with more than one race will be counted in the "two or more races" category. Hispanic students of all races will be counted in the Hispanic category.

The New York City Department of Education understands the sensitive nature of this process. The options provided by the federal government may not represent an accurate or complete portrayal of your family's own ethnic or race identification. We encourage you to proved responses using your best judgment. If you decline to respond to either question, federal guidelines require New York City Department of Education school staff to make an identification of your child on your behalf. 

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974) and the Regulations of the Chancellor A-820 prohibit unauthorized access to student records and unauthorized release of any student record information identifiable by either student name or student identification number.

Race may be considered a factor in school enrollment only where required by court order; gender is a factor only in single-gender schools.

Thank you for your cooperation

Is the student Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin?
Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin means a person of Cuban, Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.
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Select one or more races from the following five racial groups.
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