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Building D2 Community at the 10th Grade Retreat

posted Sep 1, 2014, 9:32 AM by Alison Gazarek
Students at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School spend their first two years in "D1", attending Humanities, Math/Science, Spanish, Advisory, and Gym classes in intimate, community-oriented groups known as "Houses". They learn together, play together, struggle together, and put together portfolios that become panels at the end of their 10th grade year. 

Once these students have earned all their "D1" credits and successfully defended their portfolios and panels, they are ready for "D2", the 11th and 12th grade experience. In D2, they are no longer identified by smaller House or Advisory groups, but are together as one unified grade. Before students are promoted to D2, at the end of their 10th grade year, they all go together to camp in order to build their new identity as an 11th grade family. 

At the retreat, students from La Casa, Powerhouse, Adventure House, and In-Crowd all participated in team-building games, informational sessions, and game time in order to build friendship and trust as a new team. In the Fall of 2014, they will begin their journey as "D2" students, ready to take on the risks and challenges that greet them as 
they continue their journey towards graduation and beyond.