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Bronx River Honors Former Principal Nancy Mann

posted Oct 2, 2014, 6:03 PM by Alison Gazarek
Recently our former Principal Nancy Mann was honored by staff and students of the Bronx River Alliance at the Bronx Zoo. All 9th and 10th Grade Math and Science students at Fannie Lou Hamer High School work closely with community organizations to study water quality and natural phenomena in the South Bronx as a part of the annual curriculum. Students Victor Rivera, Kendell Weathers, Janay Mcfadzean, and teacher Georgieann Ramsudth presented. Victor wrote his account of the event below: 

"On Wednesday September 17th 2014, four students from Fannie Lou Hamer went to an event at the Bronx Zoo.  This event honored  our former principal Nancy Mann honoring for the work she, her staff and students at FLHFHS have done in the revitalization and preserving the Bronx River. These students showcased the work they did on the Bronx River. The event was fantastic: they met Maarten De Katz who actually wrote a book about the history of the Bronx River. They also took the time to explain their Bronx River Exhibitions, demonstrated a water test and also showed off some of the resources that are used in the classroom.  

The event was great and the idea of the venue was cool too because little do people know the Bronx River runs through the Bronx Zoo so that was really cool to have an event about the Bronx River in a place where it runs through."