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10th Grade Students are FLH School Ambassadors

posted Nov 15, 2014, 8:07 AM by Alison Gazarek
During this Fall, a group of 10th grade students have volunteered their time at High School Recruitment Fairs, Open Houses, and Middle School Recruitment events to tell potential incoming students why they love their school.
At the Recruitment Fairs, 8th grade students found Shawntiara busy talking about her love for her teachers and her participation in the after-school PATH college-prep program. Kendell led tours of the school for families, talking about how the project-based curriculum allows students to participate in real-world projects like water testing in the Bronx River, or in-person studies of the reservoir system. Crystal visited a local middle school to talk about her experiences in programs like BuildOn, where she volunteers on the weekends, or her after-school archery club. Cherise talked about how the structure of her ELA class allowed her and her classmates to debate the literature they read in class, allowing her to add in opposing viewpoints to her paper and strengthen her writing. 

Our students love our school, and we are so proud to have them help us recruit the next generation of Fannie Lou Hamer students. We look forward to seeing you next Fall!