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Teaching American History Grant

Our American Democracy was a Teaching American History grant administered by New York City Community School District 12, through Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School, in partnership with Queens College of the City of New York, the American Social History Project (ASHP) and the Education Development Center.  The project’s focus was to improve history teachers’ content knowledge and skills in developing and implementing inquiry-oriented lessons, as well as to improve student learning outcomes.  The main work of the grant was teachers working in teams to produce curricular units for their own use, while also disseminating these units for use by other educators.  As a result of the project, we are publishing the attached units, which were produced by history teachers who participated in the project.  

 Unit Name (Click to View) Developers Schools
 Atomic Bomb Unit Michael Berezovsky and Brian Johnson The Robert F. Kennedy Middle School I.S. 250
 Debating the Constitution Unit Jennifer Gorman-Stokes

John Gunn

 Cypress Hill Collegiate Preparatory School

Queens College

 Early Forms of Democracy Unit Anthony Clarke

John Gunn

 Young Women's Leadership Academy

Queens College

 Great Depression Unit Brian Johnson and Michael Berezovsky The Robert F. Kennedy Middle School I.S. 250
 Reconstruction Unit Jordan Bancroft and Katherine McMillan

Sarah Montgomery-Glinski

 New Design High School

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School

 Shay's Rebellion Unit John Gunn

Eli Schneider

 Queens College

Gotham Professional Arts Academy

 Women of the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire Unit Aaron Broudo Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
Ocean-Hill Brownsville Teacher Strike Unit Pablo Muriel Bronx Design and Construction Academy